APCUPSD / Changelog

Version 1.07.00 (2014/04/11)

  • updated apcupsd to 3.14.12 (MODBUS support and some fixes)

Version 1.06.00 (2013/12/30)

  • added support for PPC series (N2310)
    [due to a bug in OS6, installation with FW build 677 and earlier is not possible]

Version 1.05.01 (2013/05/29)

  • fixed: syntax error in service script
  • added support for Thecus OS6 (install.rdf)

Version 1.05.00 (2012/11/08)

  • fixed: large file (system) access for 32bit firmware that use XFS
  • bundled libgcc_s

Version 1.04.10 (2012/04/21)

  • fixed: model not shown on network clients due to DRIVER used instead of MODEL
  • fixed: shutown reboot scripts not detected on 64bit models
  • added support for N3200PRO and M3800 (install.rdf)

Version 1.04.09 (2011/10/04)

  • fixed: platform links for N4100pro

Version 1.04.08 (2011/09/14)

  • transition from platform to multi-platform module (no dedicated modules for 32/64bit models any longer)
  • apcupsd updated to 3.14.10 (patched release):
    • Fix missing status and spurrious incorrect status on newer BackUPS CS models using USB interface
    • Ignore transitions to battery due to calibration (possible if user initiates calibration, then exits apctest and starts apcupsd before calibration completes
    • Fix truncation of long UPS model names such as "Smart-UPS RT 5000 XL"

Version 1.04.07 (2011/07/31)

  • apcupsd updated to 3.14.9 (patched release):
    • USB support for latest APC models such as SMT* and SMX* series (No support for Microlink, but basic USB interface should be detected and provide status now)
    • Rework signal handling to eliminate crashes and hangs
    • Fix issue of overwriting pid file even when we failed to acquire the lock file
    • usb: Add support for DALARM
    • usb: Fix BATTV and MANDATE on certain newer APC models

Version 1.04.06 (2011/03/12)

  • fixed authorization issue with V5.x

Version 1.04.05 (2011/01/23)

  • added installation support for NAS firmware 5.x (binary compatibility not tested yet)

Version 1.04.04 (2010/08/27)

  • apcupsd updated to 3.14.8 (patched release):
    • New SNMP driver
    • Add missing NOMINV, NOMOUTV, and NOMPOWER to net clients
    • Change all time/date strings to simplified ISO format: "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS +/-UTC"
    • Fix battery voltage readout on "Back-UPS 500 FW: 6.3.I USB FW: c1"
    • Fix for battery date (BATTDAT) displaying invalid values on USB models

Version 1.04.03 (2009/12/29)

  • fixed issues with Firmware 3.x

Version 1.04.02 (2009/06/16)

  • apcupsd updated to 3.14.6 (patched release)
  • fixed: system shutdown script location
  • fixed: issues with Firmware 2.01.09 (apcupsd patch for hiddev numbering)

Version 1.04.01 (2009/01/31)

  • fixed: bug in LCD notification that caused agent2 to hang

Version 1.04.00 (2009/01/17)

  • apcupsd updated to v3.14.5
  • acoustic/email notification on events (using Thecus mail implementation)
  • LCD notification on events
  • start/stop daemon available from module main page
  • help made context sensitive for better usability
  • starting from this release the config will be backed up on uninstall and restored on a later install

Version 1.03.00 (2008/06/05)

  • apcupsd updated to v3.14.4
  • included pcnet (PowerChute) driver
  • fast access through Status menu (requires Thecus Firmware 2.00.08 or higher)

Version 1.02.00 (2008/01/20)

  • apcupsd updated to v3.14.3
  • included apctest utility

Version 1.01.00 (2008/01/13)

  • added event log display to WebUI
  • added raw status display to WebUI
  • removed pcnet driver from UPS type dropdown (not compiled into apcupsd)
  • minor internal fixes, improvements and code cleanup

Version 1.00.00 (2008/01/03)

  • initial release


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