FaJoNetATalk / Changelog

Version 1.03.00 (2012/08/16)

  • fixed: settings/data not saved when uninstalling
  • updated netatalk to 2.2.3
  • updated openssl to 1.0.1c

Version 1.02.02 (2012/03/24)

  • fixed: support for mDNS autoregistration fails with name collision on 2.00.18.x (patched netatalk)
  • fixed: TimeMachine support setting not stored between installations
  • afpd log level set to "info" on startup
  • updated openssl to 1.0.1
  • updated libiconv to 1.14
  • automatically register these services with avahi if they are enabled: FTP, CIFS/Samba, iTunes/DAAP, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Thanks to Dave for continously testing new releases against Mac hardware

Version 1.02.01 (2012/03/22)

  • fixed: libpthread incompatibility with firmware 2.00.18.x or earlier

Version 1.02.00 (2012/03/22)

  • added support for Avahi (mDNS) autoregistration (shares should now show up automatically in TimeMachine if support is enabled for all shares on the module configuration page)
  • added DBus and Avahi packages
  • Module no longer starts built in NetATalk when being disabled (users need to manually disable/enable the AFP service if needed)

Version 1.01.00 (2012/03/13)

  • updated netatalk to 2.2.2
  • updated openssl to 1.0.0g
  • added support for firmware

Version 1.00.06 (2011/10/03)

  • fixed: CNID DB errors caused by an incompatible mutex implemention in firmware 2.00.18.x

Version 1.00.05 (2011/10/03)

  • fixed: typo in clear_apple_db script that caused the .AppleXX directories from not being deleted

Version 1.00.04 (2011/10/03)

  • delete all three .AppleXX control directories from the shares
  • fixed: public shares not accessible by anonymous

Version 1.00.03 (2011/10/02)

  • added an option to delete the Apple CNID DB on all shares

Version 1.00.02 (2011/10/02)

  • fixed: cnid_metad not started

Version 1.00.01 (2011/09/30)

  • added support for TimeMachine (options:tm)
  • added support for non-public shares (deny:nobody)

Version 1.00.00 (2011/09/30)

  • initial release (Netatalk 2.2.1)


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