PHPExtensions / Changelog

Version 1.02.04 (2012/04/10)

  • added support for 64bit v2 firmware

Version 1.02.03 (2012/02/09)

  • fixed: module fails on N3200PRO/M3800 due to mod_access not loaded and causes the WebUI to become inaccessible

Version 1.02.02 (2011/12/21)

  • fixed: SNMP error messages (upgraded net-snmp to 5.7.1)

Version 1.02.01 (2011/10/27)

  • fixed: v3/v5 (x86) and v1 (x86_64) executables were CLI and CGI builds

Version 1.02.00 (2011/10/25)

  • added CGI version
  • added workaround to allow applications to use the CGI version with minimal configuration as long as dynamic loading of PHP extensions is not enabled in the firmware (v3/v5 only and probably v1 for N12000/N16000)

Version 1.01.03 (2011/10/17)

  • minor internal improvements

Version 1.01.02 (2011/10/04)

  • fixed: platform links for N4100pro
  • fixed: incompatibilities in mutex implementation in FW 2.00.18.x

Version 1.01.01 (2011/09/28)

  • fixed missing unresolved php_mail in v2 firmware (mail() will not work at all anyway but mbstring will now load)
  • re-enabled mbstring extension
  • added PECL extensions: xattr, mailparse, json (FW v2 only)

Version 1.01.00 (2011/09/28)

  • added more extensions
  • added PHP CLI binaries
  • internal improvements

Version 1.00.00 (2011/09/27)

  • initial release


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