ZoneMinder / Create Monitor

On this page the steps needed to create a simple monitor are explained. If you are looking for the official and more detailed description of the various settings please visit the ZoneMinder documentation page.

To open the ZoneMinder interface click the button "Start ZoneMinder Interface ..." on the module configuration page.

ZoneMinder - Module configuration page

Now, the ZoneMinder main screen will appear in a separate window or tab. Here click the button labeled "Add New Monitor".

ZoneMinder - Main Screen

After clicking the button a new window opens. In thins window click the link "Presets" located in the upper right corner.

ZoneMinder - Edit Monitor

From the list of presets select the one that best suites you needs and camera model. In this example we choose "Axis IP, 640x480, mpjpeg" and click the button labeled "Save" to confirm the selection and to close the dialog.

ZoneMinder - Edit Monitor - Preset

Now the "Source Type" should be "Remote".

ZoneMinder - Edit Monitor - General

Next click the tab labeled "Source" and on this tab enter appropriate values for the hostname (or IP address), port and remote host path. Some of the fields will have default values set from the preset selected earlier. After setting all values click the button labeled "Save" to create the monitor.

ZoneMinder - Edit Monitor - Source

On the main screen the new monitor will now appear in the list of monitors. By clicking the monitors name y new window will open.

ZoneMinder - Main Screen

This window will show the live stream.

ZoneMinder - View Monitor