Import of project and product names

The entries shown under File->Projects or File->Products are usually taken from the session database. Beside this, additional entries can be provided through an import function.

The import function supports 2 file formats:

  • Text files with one entry per line
  • Windows .ini files

It is not possible to delete or hide existing entries that way. Existing entries will be ignored.

Text file

The text files must contain the name of exactly one project or product per line. All names will be imported and activated (marked as not hidden).

Windows .ini file

This import method requires a windows .ini file with the following format:

Name Projekt A=1
Name Projekt B=1
Name Produkt A=1
Name Produkt B=0

This format allows project and product names to co-exist within the same file. Which names are read depends on which import function was called. The value after the equal sign (=) tells the import function to either mark the name hidden (0) or visible (1).