How do I restore deleted sessions ?

FaJo TimeTool does not implement a "Undo" function to revert deletions. The only way to restore deleted sessions is to restore ALL deleted session within the session database that have not been overwritten already.

To restore all deleted sessions use the utility FaJo TTUndelete. This utility can be used on session databases starting version 1.11. Please follow the steps below to restore the sessions.

  1. exit/terminate FaJo TimeTool
  2. make a backup copy of the current database
  3. start FaJo TTUndelete, select the session database (the number of total and restorable sessions is displayed) and click  "Restore"
  4. start FaJo TimeTool

Now, all deleted sessions should be visible again.

FaJo TTUndelete is available in German only - a translation of the fields can be found below.



davon gelöscht:deleted records


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