FaJo TimeTool

FaJo TimetoolFaJo TimeTool is a small application to collect your daily working times. The collected data can be assigned to projects and products or activities. A rather simple statistic function allows to generate reports by grouping any of the stored information.

This software is no longer actively maintained.

FaJo TimeTool collects your data in so-called sessions. With each of these sessions the following information is stored:

  • Session type (e.g. Vacation, Customer visit, ...)
  • Date
  • Session start and end time
  • Time of all breaks
  • Project
  • Product or Activity
  • Comments

Session types are freely definable. Whether a session type is counted as working time can be set individually for each session type. The fields "Project," "Product" and "Comments" are freely usable. The session history can be filtered by Year, Month and day as well as "Project". This allows to create project or customer specific reports to be created.

In addition to the simple builtin reporting functions FaJo TimeTool provides an interface (COM) that allows read access to the session database from external applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word). The interface allow session to be read from any session database, even the currently opened one. Using the COM interface it is possible to create any kind of report using arbitary templates.

The current days, weeks and months working time is constantly displayed in the main window. Beside displaying the time 4 thresholds can be defined to trigger an acoustic and/or optical alarm when exceeded.

System requirements

  • PC with at least Intel Pentium Processor
  • Microsoft Windows 98SE/NT4/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • approx. 2 MB free space on the installation drive

Interface Languages

  • English
  • German

Note: The online help is available in German language only.

Download and Installation

FaJo TimeTool is freeware. To install FaJo TimeTool the setup program has to be executed. After a successful installation/deinstallation a restart may be required. To use the built-in COM interface, administrator privileges are required during installation. An  installation as a "non-privileged" user is also possible, however, the COM interface will not be available then.

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