ScreenshotFaJo WinSMS allows the sending of messages to mobile phones (SMS) and pagers using message centers that have a modem / ISDN interface and provide a protocol interface supported by FaJo WinSMS (in Germany, this is currently only Vodafone/D2).

This software is no longer actively maintained.

The characteristics of FaJo WinSMS are:

  • Easy to use
  • Support for German characters
  • Adressbook for recipients and groups
  • Administration/use of message templates
  • Free input of a sender
  • Automatic or manual transmission mode

Depending on the message centre (SMSC) used, the following additional features are supported:

  • Long messages (up to 640 characters)
  • Delayed delivery
  • Message validity
  • Delivery notification

System requirements

  • PC with at least 386 processor
  • Microsoft Windows 95/NT4 or higher
  • Modem or ISDN card with port driver

Interface Languages

  • German

Download and Installation

FaJo WinSMS is Freeware. To install FaJo WinSMS the setup program has to be executed with administrator privileges. After a successful installation/deinstallation a restart may be required.

Important Note: FaJo WinSMS is a 16-bit application that was developed for use in Windows 3.x. It may not run under newer operating systems. I can not provide support for issues with specific hardware. Support for WinSMS is therefore no longer available.


[file] FaJo WinSMS Setup 1.23 (exe)
MD5: 50dc769f86539792059079d2b2a83398
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[file] FaJo WinSMS Setup 1.23 (zip)
MD5: 447fcc9708a3799471eaa1994e7551d6
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[file] SMSC EMI Specification Vodafone/D2 v2.2
Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) External Machine Interface (EMI) Description Version 2.2 January 2001
MD5: bc050a92c676131d1b302c2bce885b71
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