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FaJo FileRenamer 1.2.0 This little utility can be used to bulk rename/renumber a large number of files.The target file name is composed of 3 parts according to the following pattern:<prefix>NNNNNNNN<suffix><prefix> and <suffix> are arbitrary strings. NNNNNNNN is a 8-digit number starting with the value entered. The file extension is copied from the original file.This software is no longer actively maintained. FaJo FileRenamer
FaJo TimeTool 1.13.12 FaJo TimeTool is a small application to collect your daily working times. The collected data can be assigned to projects and products or activities. A rather simple statistic function allows to generate reports by grouping any of the stored information.This software is no longer actively maintained. FaJo TimeTool
FaJo WinSMS 1.23 FaJo WinSMS allows the sending of messages to mobile phones (SMS) and pagers using message centers that have a modem / ISDN interface and provide a protocol interface supported by FaJo WinSMS (in Germany, this is currently only Vodafone/D2).This software is no longer actively maintained. FaJo WinSMS
FaJo XP File Security Extension (XP FSE) 1.2 FaJo XP FSE allows to view/change the access rights on file system objects of NTFS file systems on Windows XP Home. The extension therefore provides the security tab known from Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP Pro on the properties page of file system objects. For faster access it adds an additional menu item to the context menu of such objects (optional).This software is no longer actively maintained.