Thecus ® Firmware

Below you will find a subset of the firmware no longer available for download from Thecus web sites. Use it at your own risk.


[file] N5200/N5200PRO FW 2.01.09 (beta)
MD5: 60ae40bca860521542a7917dccc6fe06
36.28 MB
[file] N5200/N5200PRO FW 2.01.09 (beta) Release Notes
MD5: 3d9f01699a9fc061f87f6e090b2d561e
48.71 KB
[file] N5200/N5200PRO FW (beta)
MD5: 6f00380e9d750fe455ecfb2f12b293e1
36.41 MB
[file] N5200PRO FW (beta)
MD5: 18bf7132f922a7e4d97f59e691ce1565
40.06 MB