This module integrates Netatalk 2.2.3 into the v2.x firmware of older devices. This allows LION users to continue to use their Thecus NAS devices as AFP server. This module does not replace any part of the regular firmware but rather "overlays" parts of it when enabled/started.

AFP Status after enabling the module

AFP versions: 1.1 2.0 2.1 2.2 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3
     No User Authent
     Cleartxt Passwrd

Supported Models

This module should work for the following models:

1U4500, N5200, N5200PRO, N7700, N8800


Extract the module binary package (.mod) from the archive and install it.

Note: This module will only install in V2 firmware.

When upgrading the firmware of your NAS with this module installed, please make sure the AFP service and the module are disabled.


The module configuration page allows to enable TimeMachine support for all shares. Configuration of the AFP service will still be performed through the standard Web Admin Interface.

After enabling the module it may take some time until the AFP becomes available. This is because of the way Thecus starts the service and may take even more than one minute. Please keep this in mind when using this module.

Known issues

If you receive the error message "Something wrong with the volume's CNID DB, using temporary CNID DB instead.Check server messages for details. Switching to read-only mode." the Apple CNID DB is either corrupted of there is a version mismatch. To solve this, the module provides an option to clear the CNID DB on all shares and allow a new database to be created. To clear the CNID DB

  1. disable the AFP service (Network >> AFP)
  2. enable the FaJoNetATalk module (if it is disabled)
  3. click the module name to get to the module configuration page
  4. check the box to confirm the deletion of the CNID DB
  5. click "Clear .AppleDB"
  6. if you want to use the old AFP version disable the module FaJoNetATalk
  7. enable the AFP service (Network >> AFP)

Once the AFP service is up - which may take some time - you should no longer receive this error message.

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[file] FaJoNetATalk 1.03.00
MD5: f5412d245b64edc8f5e3f5d4596ff96a
4.39 MB
[file] FaJoNetATalk 1.02.02
MD5: 04771cae885fba66b4e2be8bd464a2c4
4.39 MB