FaJoTorrent / Changelog

TODO / Requested features

  • improve module configuration page (directory selection, ...)

Version 2.01.00 (2013/06/20)

  • updated xmlrpc2scgi.py
  • added support for ThecusOS 6

Version 2.00.01 (2012/11/06)

  • fix: implemented workarount for non epoll() enabled kernels of old firmwares (e.g. 2.00.x on N5200)
  • fix: bundled screen command to workaround issues with ModBase1 bundled screen command

Version 2.00.00 (2012/11/04)

  • now using ModBase1 and PHP53 (all plugins should work on all platforms now)
  • updated rTorrent to 0.9.3
  • updated libTorrent to 0.13.3
  • updated ruTorrent to 3.4
  • allow new statements in rtorrent config
  • moved rtorrent config to system/etc/rtorrent.rc
  • implemented backup/restore on uninstall/install
  • now initializing ruTorrent plugins on rTorrent start

Version 1.00.09 (2012/01/08)

  • fixed: user login to ruTorrent not working on N3200PRO/M3800 due to missing /etc/shadow

Version 1.00.08 (2011/11/07)

  • added support for the "encryption" rTorrent configuration option

Version 1.00.07 (2011/10/05)

  • added buildtorrent and mktorrent binaries (plugin "create")
  • added configuration option for plugin "create"

Version 1.00.06 (2011/10/04)

  • fixed: platform links for N4100pro

Version 1.00.05 (2011/09/23)

  • fixed: changes to httpd.conf do not persist over restarts causing the daemon to fail to start after a restart of the NAS

Version 1.00.04 (2011/09/21)

  • fixed: missing apache module mod_authz_user (this was still causing an internal server error after authentication)

Version 1.00.03 (2011/09/21)

  • another fix for the "internal server error" issue (why does Thecus FW include a mod_auth.so along with httpd 2.2 ?)

Version 1.00.02 (2011/09/20)

  • fixed "Delete data" not deleting the empty torrent directory due to an incompatible "find" command provided by the NAS firmware (a compatible find now is included in the module package)

Version 1.00.01 (2011/09/20)

  • fixed: "Internal server error" when starting ruTorrent due to some apache modules not loaded
  • fixed: ruTorrent reports free disk space from wrong partition (workaround added since this is a ruTorrent issue)
  • added configuration option for the default torrent download path on the module configuration page

Version 1.00.00 (2011/09/19)

  • initial release (rTorrent 0.8.9, libtorrent 0.12.9, ruTorrent 3.3)


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