NETSNMPD / Changelog

Version 2.00.00 (2014/04/23)

  • migrated to dedicated (bundled) net-snmp
  • added system and cpu temp to thecusIO module
  • added support for OS6 (x86 and ppc)

Version 1.01.04 (2011/07/16)

  • fixed startup issues with FW 5.2 which came up due to the command line syntax has changed with netsnmp v5.5)

Version 1.01.03 (2011/03/14)

  • added support for N12000/N16000 (thecusIO is not supported on these models)
  • fixed authorization issue on v5.x (access denied)

Version 1.01.02 (2011/01/23)

  • added installation support for NAS firmware 5.x

Version 1.01.01 (2009/12/29)

  • fixed issues with Thecus FW 3.x

Version 1.01.00 (2008/01/26)

  • thecusIO now implemented as netsnmp module
  • added free form configuration textbox for advanced configuration

Version 1.00.01 (2008/01/20)

  • fixed: fan2rpm missing when walking MIB tree
  • added FAJO MIBs

Note: This release will show up as 1.00.00 on the module management page since install.rdf has not been updated.

Version 1.00.00 (2008/01/20)

  • initial release


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