ScreenshotThis module implements a directory server utilizing OpenLDAP as backend and phpLDAPadmin as web based management interface.

OpenLDAP Software is an open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Supported Models

This module should work for the following models:

1U4200XXX, N2800, 1U4500, N4510U, 1U4600, M3800, N4800, N0503, N4800Eco, N2200XXX, N5550, N2520, N3200PRO, N6850, N3200XXX, N7510, N4100PRO, N7700PROv2, N4200, N8800PROv2, N4200Eco, N8900, N4200PRO, N8850, N4520, N8900V, N10850, N12000, N5200, N12000PRO, N5200PRO, N12000V, N5200XXX, N16000, N5500, N16000PRO, N7700, N16000V, N7700+, N7700PRO, N7700SAS, N8200XXX, N8800, N8800+, N8800PRO, N8800SAS


Extract the module binary package (.mod) from the archive and install it.

Note: This module requires the PHPExtensions Module to be installed (minimum required version is 1.02.00) as well as ModBase1

Binary releases

  • OpenLDAP 2.4.35
  • phpLDAPAdmin 1.2.3

Included overlays (static)

  • accesslog
  • auditlog
  • collect
  • constraint
  • dds
  • deref
  • dyngroup
  • dynlist
  • memberof
  • ppolicy
  • pcache
  • refint
  • retcode
  • rwm
  • seqmod
  • sssvlv
  • syncprov
  • translucent
  • unique
  • valsort

Included backends (static)

  • config
  • ldif
  • monitor
  • bdb
  • dnssrv
  • hdb
  • ldap
  • meta
  • null
  • passwd
  • relay
  • shell
  • sql


After enabling the module the module status and configuration page can be accessed. This page allows to configure the server and the management interface, generate password using various kinds of algorythms and to perform basic maintenance.

After installing the module and after performing a database reset the database is empty and initial entries have to be imported. Providing the default database suffix and rootdn are used, the following LDIF have to be imported through the phpLDAPadmin UI:

dn: dc=example,dc=com
objectclass: dcObject
objectclass: organization
o: Example Company
dc: example

dn: cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com
objectclass: organizationalRole
cn: Manager

The default login to the phpLDAPadmin UI is:

Login    : cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com
Password : secret

Known issues


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[file] OpenLDAP 1.03.00
MD5: 2b1bf7abec8a5dfbf081c4733b95c3aa
4.74 MB
[file] OpenLDAP 1.02.01
MD5: c3d9d2e3abc40175fb9137e0fb5cedf7
4.64 MB