X86Base provides a 32-bit base system for 64-bit Thecus NAS firmware. X86Base uses libraries provided by the latest 32-bit firmware.

Supported Models

This module should work for the following models:

N2800, N4510U, N4800, N4800Eco, N5550, N6850, N7510, N7700PROv2, N8800PROv2, N8900, N8850, N8900V, N10850, N12000, N12000V, N16000, N16000V

Do NOT install this module on any model not listed.


Extract the module binary package (.mod) from the archive and install it.

Known issues


Binary releases

  • based on 32-bit Firmware 5.03.01

Further reading

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[file] X86Base 1.01.00
MD5: 95b720adf7bff9bd0e8bb4bf6cf37e02
11.15 MB
[file] X86Base 1.00.01
MD5: 33f6d41efb4d903e7e551e9ad95dc63d
13.97 MB