ScreenshotThis module implements a video camera security and surveilance application utilizing ZoneMinder.

ZoneMinder is intended for use in single or multi-camera video security applications, including commercial or home CCTV, theft prevention and child, family member or home monitoring and other domestic care scenarios such as nanny cam installations. It supports capture, analysis, recording, and monitoring of video data coming from one or more video or network cameras attached to a Linux system. ZoneMinder also support web and semi-automatic control of Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras using a variety of protocols. It is suitable for use as a DIY home video security system and for commercial or professional video security and surveillance.

Supported Models

This module should work for the following models:

1U4200XXX, N2800, 1U4500, 1U4600, M3800, N4800, N0503, N2200XXX, N5550, N3200PRO, N6850, N3200XXX, N4100PRO, N7700PROv2, N4200, N8800PROv2, N4200Eco, N8900, N4200PRO, N8850, N8900V, N10850, N12000, N5200, N5200PRO, N12000V, N5200XXX, N16000, N5500, N7700, N16000V, N7700+, N7700PRO, N7700SAS, N8200XXX, N8800, N8800+, N8800PRO, N8800SAS


Extract the module binary package (.mod) from the archive and install it.

Note: This module requires the Perl514 Module to be installed.


After enabling the module the module status page can be accessed. This page allows to change some basic settings and to perform basic maintenance, such as restarting the server daemon and restoring the database to its defaults.

The default login to the ZoneMinder application is:

Login    : admin
Password : admin

Please change the password and create other user accounts as required.

For details on how to use the ZoneMinder interface and supported cameras please visit the ZoneMinder product page.

Note: The number of active cameras is limited by the amount of memory (RAM) of the NAS. The module will allow half of the total memory of the NAS to be used as shared memory. The amount of shared memory (in bytes) required per camera can be calculated as follows:

width x height x depth x frames / 8

with frames being the number of frames to buffer (default: 40). For 640x480 at a depth of 24bit with 40 frames to buffer this would be about 30 MB.

Known issues


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