ClearModules is a pseudo firmware update package that renames the module installation folder /raid/data/module to allow it to rebuild on the next restart.


When installing this package the module base will be renamed.

The package has to be installed as firmware update. After the package has been installed the NAS needs to be rebooted.


[file] ClearModules 1.00.04 N16000
MD5: 65eaf14df18de066e7984488c2f1ed35
for all 64bit Intel based models except N7700ProV2/N8800ProV2
904 bytes
[file] ClearModules 1.00.04 N7700ProV2
MD5: 1a90136718431037ef2c8db24e57b50f
1.54 KB
[file] ClearModules 1.00.04 N5200
MD5: f0c9eb9d33eae3fe91e27a8c01af1838
for all 32bit Intel based models except M3800, N3200PRO
904 bytes
[file] ClearModules 1.00.04 M3800
MD5: 262698d0a662ba2f82547351d77b111e
for M3800, N3200PRO
904 bytes